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Meet the NSTR Team.

Deran Kılıçarslan
Deran KılıçarslanHead of Talent Acquisition
You need to find the needle in the haystack, then Deran will be a good help. She has more than 15 years of talent hunting experience in IT and Telco globally. She is sharp as a tack, an empath, and an early bird, a mother of a cat, auntie of a cutie pie.
Ümit Doğan
Ümit DoğanCo-founder
Computer engineer older than computers. 20 years under his belt. A little start-up, a little venture, a little enterprise. Familiar with a broad range of technologies. Open to development. Likes a good challenge. Father of two.
Barış Doğan
Barış DoğanCo-founder
An engineer from the generation that kick-started the concept of digitalization. He’s been working in the learning management and evaluation & assessment fields for a long while, before finding his niche in communication technologies with Doganbros. Likes tea, has a wooden sword somewhere, and believes that digitalization doesn’t have to come at the cost of personal touch.

What Do We Do?

IT Domains

We started as a software workshop, and accrued over 20 years of combined experience in the IT field. Our personal experience steered NSTR into the following domains;

  • Web Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Cloud and Dev-Ops

  • Quality Assurance

  • Analysis and PM

Business Domains

Throughout our experience, we’ve established a foothold and produced works in the following fields.

  • Media and Communication
  • Gaming
  • Blockchain

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Fintech

BEST tech talent, EASE of communication and PROVEN workflows.

We are not just another recruitment agency. We are industry-familiar tech experts with 20+ years under the belt, working on myriads of projects with both local and global clients. Driven by our IT experience, we provide streamlined, result oriented solutions.

Our expertise is based on:

Proven hiring flows

Finding the right developer is no small undertaking. Instead of managing exhausting, costly and troubling recruitment processes, working with a partner who can procure tailor-made teams on demand, not only saves you from all three, but offers even more additional benefits

We manage the recruitment process of many keystone positions, like developers, business analysts and project managers for you, and produce an optimized and result-oriented workflow for you to pick and choose the right person for the job.

To that end, we share video interviews we’ve conducted with our developers, and arrange meetings between you and them, to ensure not only a technically competent, but also a personally coherent team.

Recruitment team with vast IT experience

IT experience informs our process at every step, from the start till the end. Our recruitment teams are talented IT professionals in their own rights. They understand the needs and wants of the ecosystem, and are equipped with the know-how to make decisions from both recruitment and IT perspective. Not only they evaluate our applicants, but they also evaluate their handiwork to hire only the qualified professionals.

This devotion to IT ensures the quality of the resulting process, as well as a firm grasp on best practices in their fields.

Flexible hiring options

We provide the means for you to scale quickly, easily, and controllably. Working with us means you can reinforce your workforce, on-demand, to tackle any changes in your workflow, no matter how sudden, how small or how large.

Our vast network of qualified developers and array of hiring options are aimed at granting you an immediate and agile workforce that can last for a task, a project or as long as required.

This flexibility also means you will never have to overstaff your teams, not only helping you meet opportunities, but also avoid the risks. You can create, strengthen or assist your teams according to your exact specifications.

End-to-end project support

We maintain a constant information flow and uninterrupted support with our teams. Our aim is 100% satisfaction.

We want to ensure the project has a correct sense of direction, and is poised for success. For this reason, we offer services beyond human resources, and support your marketing, strategy and other project management areas with our experts.

Depending on your needs, we can assign developers who have experience in your field in order to deliver the best results.While our tech teams are dedicated to your projects, our strategy department walks with you through the way to better understand your needs, provide you solutions in a timely manner.