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What to Know About Nearshoring to Turkey.

Turkey is rising fast as a popular nearshoring opportunity. Below, you can find a collection of frequently asked questions about Turkey and nearshoring

If you have any other questions not answered by the topics below, you can ask them through our contact form.

What factors should be considered when choosing a nearshore location for IT nearshoring?2023-02-02T19:59:46+00:00

Considering the cost of labor and other operational expenses as well as the exchange rate between currencies should help you draw a more accurate conclusion in terms of business expenditure.

A developed IT infrastructure and high availibility of talent as well as cultural compatibility would ensure your demands are understood and met with precission.

The proximity of the nearshore location and language proficiency makes comunication easier and increase productivity.

Lastly, the nearshore location should have a favourable legal framework in place for IT outsourcing and data protection.

What are the key benefits of nearshoring for IT operations?2023-02-02T19:59:39+00:00

Working with a nearshoring vendor means having access to a scalable and cost-efficient pool of talent which results in faster time-to-market durations at improved quality. In addition, nearshoring to a country with reduced labor costs, increased availibility of developers and a burgeoning talent pool allows you flexibility to better respond to the market demands.

How does nearshoring compare to traditional outsourcing and offshoring?2023-02-02T19:59:28+00:00

Nearshoring is a closer-to-home type of outsourcing. Nearshoring is outsourcing in a similar time zone and with geographic and cultural proximity between nations doing business.

Sharing a close proximity, the quality standards and business culture tend to be more similar in nearshoring countries. Sharing a timezone, it is much easier to monitor your business and schedule meetings, both online and face-to-face.

However, adding the additional parameter of geographical proximity means you no longer have the price ranges global outsourcing offers. But the trade-off in ease of working and increased quality of the resulting product is widely considered to be worthwhile.

How does nearshoring impact cost and budget for IT operations?2023-02-02T19:59:04+00:00

Nearshoring can result in cost savings due to lower labor costs in the nearshore location compared to onshore locations. Additionally, nearshoring can reduce travel costs and expenses associated with on-site visits to the nearshore location, as they are often located in proximity to the onshore location.

How do you handle time zone differences when working with nearshore IT teams?2023-02-02T19:58:55+00:00

Nearshoring already aims to reduce this problem by minimizing the differences between time zones. Turkey boasts minimal time difference with Europe. You can find additional information about that here, as well as view some example time zones.

This difficulty can be further dealt by scheduling regular meetings , virtual or in-person, to align on project timelines and resolve any potential issues.

Working with a partner in a different time zone invariably requires a degree of flexibility. Agile and flexible work schedules help ensure overlaps in working hours, and collaboration tools such as video conferencing platforms, project management softwares and instant messaging help fascilitate communication and collaboration and overcome the challenges of brought by the time zone difference.

How do you ensure data security and compliance when working with nearshore IT teams?2023-02-02T19:58:48+00:00

Working with a nearshore IT team is very similar to working with an onshore team when it comes to data security and compliance, as both countries are likely to share a similar legal framework.

Similarly to on-shore teams, establishing a Non-Disclosure Agreement is an excellent practice towards establishing data security and compliance.

As it’s always the case, defining clear privacy and data security policies and regular audit and monitoring can help you further in that regard.

What are the scalability benefits of working with nearshore IT teams?2023-02-02T19:58:37+00:00

NSTR Network works with HR experts and is constantly on lookout for developers to help your business. This gives you access to a vast pool of talent you may tap into as long as and as often as you need to, limiting expenditure while also increasing your ability to quickly hire more high-quality talent.

What resources and support are available for businesses considering nearshoring their IT operations?2023-02-02T19:58:05+00:00

You can find our report on Turkey’s exceptional suitability to nearshoring here. Information we use is gathered from government agencies, trade organizations, industry reports and case studies. You can also follow our blog for more examinations.

How can effective communication and collaboration be maintained with remote IT teams?2023-02-02T19:57:55+00:00

Establishing clear communication channels and making use of variety of communication tools such as email, chat and video conferencing ensures everyone is on the same page. Well-defined expectations and roles within team members ensures a solid distribution of responsibility.

Scheduling regular check-ins such as daily or weekly meetings to exchange up-to-date information and adress arising issues ensures your project stays on track. Keeping detailed documents allow you and your hired talent to have access to the same information pool and refer back to it as need arises, ensuring a unified effort towards your goals.

Can you provide examples of successful nearshoring in the IT industry?2023-02-02T19:57:45+00:00

Deutsche Bank, a leading global investment bank, has been using nearshoring services, as well as GE Healthcare and Ericsson. These company has reported success with nearshoring, as it has allowed them to save costs while still receiving high-quality IT services.

What services does NSTR Network provide?2023-02-02T19:57:35+00:00

As NSTR Network, we can augment your existing team or create a new team to tackle your project, either from start to finish or any other scope you establish.

You can find detailed information in our “IT Nearshoring Services” page.

How do I start nearshoring with NSTR?2023-02-02T19:57:25+00:00

You can contact us through our contact form. We’ll schedule a meeting to discuss your goals and strategies with you in order to provide you the best possible service.

How proficient are Turkish people with English language?2023-02-02T19:57:19+00:00

In Turkey, English education starts at elementary school, and continues all throughout education. While, Turkish being an agglutinative language, as opposed to Latin-rooted English poses difficulties, these difficulties are most prominently reflected in speech. Many of the Turkish workforce are English-literate and adequate writers of the language.

What are the work days in Turkey?2023-02-02T19:57:05+00:00

In Turkey, workdays are from Monday to Friday, with a two-day weekend.


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