IT Nearshoring Digital Summit is the first global gathering organized by NSTR Network, where nearshoring customers, advisors and academics who are interested in providing IT oursourcing services from Turkey will come together. As NSTR Network, we believe Turkey is one of the key countries as a game-changer in IT industry with its vast potential, yet this potential needs to be better promoted

The IT job market has been very tight for years and the outlook for 2023 is not much better.Because it is difficult to find experienced people, it makes sense to look across the border when recruiting. Highly trained specialists are still available in various offshore destinations, and they can be engaged remotely. Central to this are the opportunities in Turkey, a lesser known nearshore destination.

Large companies have been working with remote teams for many decades, but SMEs are often still wary of this way of working. We are therefore organizing a webinar on this subject on January 25 (from 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM CET).

The summit is here to help you to take advantage of the unique opportunities to reach qualified IT talent market and cost-effective software development in Turkey as it is a country that has a large number of software developers, and proximate to Europe, with hardly a time difference. Additionally, we will be discussing the latest trends and opportunities in the IT outsourcing market in Turkey. As a talented software development team with the experience of numerous IT Projects delivered, we are proud to initiate the event.

Central to this are the opportunities in Turkey, a lesser-known nearshore destination. It is a country that has a large number of software developers, which is not far away, hardly has a time difference, and where the cultural differences are small. Several European companies are already having software built there to their satisfaction. Turkish developers are also willing to move to the Netherlands to be deployed on location. Companies such as Philips, or ASML have already brought over hundreds of Turkish developers.

During the webinar, the following speakers will share the results of our research, and discuss the benefits of nearshoring, conducting remote IT projects and the status of Turkey’s IT sector

This Webinar has ended.