Nearshore to Turkey, now.

Your Partner in Nearshore Software Development & IT Outsourcing Services from Turkey.



Stay on top of your project, with short, daily flights and as little as one hour difference. Turkey works when you do, where you do.


With its momentous IT education and large young population, Turkey can measure up to any requirement with an excellent price-to-quality ratio.

ATTRACTIVE Place for Foreign Capital

Long being a bridge between the industry and the customer, Turkey is accustomed to entertaining foreign capital.


Business culture in Turkey is well-compatible with both European and global economies.


Recruitment team with vast IT experience

Professionals recruited by expert IT recruiters and eveluated by hands-on IT developers.

Broad Turkish developer network for any tech stack

Talented and dedicated software developers, system engineers, cloud experts and more, exactly matching your requirements.

Flexible hiring options

Hire an expert or a team of developers for a specific tech stack or your whole project.

End-to-end Project Support

Employ a full project team, from marketing strategists and project managers to full-stack developers. Carry your project from birth to success.


Staff Augmentation

Let us reinforce your workflow. Quickly and easily scale your team. Introduce foreign expertise and know-how.

Dedicated Teams

Let us build your team. Kick-off your project with a ready-to-work team. Save time and effort on recruitment.

Project Delivery

Let us do the work. Deliver your requirements and see the results of an agile and transparent process.

Managed Services

Entrust us with your project. Let us establish effective maintenance and development strategies.


Software development becomes flexible

You can outsource a complete project, as well as hire a dedicated team of developers according to your current needs. Adjust the size of your team according to your deadlines, or manage the expertise of your workforce according to your requirements.

Improving quality of software products

Outsourcing projects to a professional development team not only ensures you are working with experts to create a robust solution, but also an efficient method of creating performant and high-value code that’s easy to maintain.

Core expertise stays core

You might already have skilled developers. But having them manage multiple projects is less than ideal and introduces complexities. Outsourcing to a software development team gives your core developers the time to focus on their projects.

Reduce your costs

Outsourcing your project requires no wasted training time or upfront resource cost. You are paying purely for the product.