Pricing Model

You Know What You Pay For

We believe that transparent communication is the rock on which our business partnership is built.

We apply the effective Time & Material model to make sure to provide a solution which fully corresponds to your expectations. In this pricing model, you have total control over both the deliverables and the budget.

Cost of IT nearshoring services

IT nearshoring services allow for the precise control of costs throughout the software development life cycle. The cost of recruitment, fitting out new workplaces, as well as holidays are borne by a nearshoring partner, which constitutes a significant benefits of IT outsourcing.

We want to feel appreciated and obtain exellent references from our clients. In providing business-justified nearshoring services, we care for the success of your IT project. Our specialists estimate the cost of IT outsourcing from scratch including business analysis, all software development life cycle stages and the implementation process.

IT outsourcing cost calculator

Factors that influence the total cost of the project are the length of the project, the skills and expertise required, team size and technology stack. If you need to know the exact cost of IT outsourcing services in your project, fill out the data in the Price Calculator and get the estimation quickly.

What does the cost of IT nearshoring services depend on?

Time of project

The cost of our outsourcing services is linked to the number of man-hours needed to complete all of the tasks in your IT project. Based on this, the estimated duration of the project and the number of people involved should be revealed.

Level of competences

The level of competences of a specialist affects the cost of the nearshore services. It depends on the complexity of the project and tasks, the level of experience, skills and technological knowledge of developers. There are three standard levels of expertise:

Technological stack

The difficulty of finding a suitable developer depends on the technology used in the project and whether it is niche-oriented. In some cases, the recruiter needs additional time to find the right specialist.


The main workplaces of our specialists are in Turkey. However, sometimes the possibility of hiring a specialist who will be based offsite exist as well.

Junior – a programmer at the beginning of his or her career with up to several years of experience. With the competences to design simple solutions and create high-quality code, junior developers are a great way to fill out a team with at least one senior developer.

Regular – a developer with several years or more experience in IT projects. Regular programmers can solve complicated problems and design advanced application functionalities. They are valuable members of the IT nearshoring team but they can also work independently.

Senior – a programmer with over 10 years of project experience who has high-level skills in designing solutions and can solve complex problems in a flexible manner. Thanks to experience gained in numerous IT projects, they have vast technical knowledge, which is often a major factor in determining the quality of code.

Flow of nearshoring Build-Operate-Transfer services


  • Office facility

  • Office equipment

  • Network infrastructure

  • IT Security / VPN

  • IT workstation infrastructure

  • Development tools

  • Establishment of the target team

  • Knowledge transfer

  • Quality process

  • Legal regulations of contracts / leasing

  • HR hiring plans

  • Risk management


  • Full ODC management

  • Continual Process Improvement

  • Quality checking

  • Operational risk management


  • Reporting

  • Delivery / Project management & tracking

  • Implementing best practices

  • Optimalization


  • Execution of the transition phase

  • Handover process

  • Facility

  • Employees

  • Infrastructure

  • Tools / Licences

  • Support in setting up a company

  • Further cooperation in a new model